The CMS Drupal: From Belgium!


Drupal is a CMS (administrative of contents) which makes it possible to create a large variety of Internet sites: personal blog with Internet site of a company, while passing by the Community sites, the      sites d' information, online shops… You can see an outline of the various possibilities of Drupal while going on the site

Drupal is published under licence free LPG and developed by a community of voluntary. Its approach of the contents and its modular system make that Drupal is capable to adapt to all the needs. The presence of certain modules makes it possible very each one to create a site with functionalities advanced without any development.

Categorization and headings or concept of taxonomy

Categorization is certainly one of the strong points of Drupal, which makes it possible to nativement manage nativement families of categories (“vocabularies”) used to classify the contents, to manage the rights access, to carry out research, etc

Drupal has this that one calls the concept of “taxonomy” and “folksonomy”.

In data processing, the taxonomy term indicates a method of classification of information in a structured architecture in an evolutionary way.

Folksonomy, for its part, is a neologism (new lemma appearing in the lexicon of a language builds by derivation) indicating a system of spontaneous decentralized collaborative classification.

This mechanism of categorization make of it a tool out of the commun run and very open on the future of the Web and navigation. Pages can be connected between them so much the contents “is categorized” in the same way.

Navigation in the site is thus done more intuitively thanks to the categorization of the contents.

Example: attached to the word “board with veil” we will find very simply all the pages which speak about “board with veil”.

In is, they are a whole series of “key words” which are defined at the time of insertion of the contents by the people person(s) in charge of these contents.

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