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The high experience of our consultants in UML analysis make Expert-IT able to propose the UML Enterprise Architect software to its clients.

The proposed services cover all the domains concerned by Enterprise Architect.

  • The sale of the product (Official Reseller Partner)
  • Formation with the users and administrators (Official Partner Training)

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  • The installation at the customer's site.

"From Concept to Solution - EA delivers TEAM gravitational based UML 2.1 modeling At year price"

Enterprise Architect is a visual powerful environment of modeling, increasing productivity while respecting the standards related to the UML 2.1 language. In spite of its innumerable functionalities, Enterprise Architect remains however an accessible tool, easily deployed in large teams.



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Expert-IT is partner of the company Sparx Systems since 2004. We ensure the sale of the product, the deployment on clients workstation and servers, and trainings with end users (administrator or architect).



Principal functionalities:


  • Modeling with 13 UML 2.1 diagrams
  • Forward and Reverse Engeneering of the source code and databases
  • MDA (Model Driven Structures)
  • Generation of C++ code, Java, VB.NET, C#, PHP, Delphi and Visual BASIC
  • Date modeling in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL and others!
  • Version management and security
  • Edition, Test, Debug, Compilation, execution and deployment in EA
  • Embedded discussion forum, enabling easy communication in the development team
  • Customized search and document generation in RTF or HTML format
  • and so on… For more details: http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/products/ea.htm

Plug-In Visual Studio and Eclipse

  • Provide an environment of integrated development  Logo MDG link
  • Generation and importation of code in permanent connection with your IDE
  • Compile and execute your project via the plug-in menu
  • Visibility of the compilation errors in EA
  • Simple and efficient navigation between model and code
  • Cheap license
  • More details: http://www.sparxsystems.com.au/products/mdg.html


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