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Expert-IT in the press

A Belgian investor attracted by the 3D expertise of an SME from Marseille


Compaso, the new dashboard live management solution from Expert-IT

Compaso live dashboards are dashboards whose contents are permanently updated and automated.

It is a management tool that summarizes and clearly presents the company's activities and results in the form of indicators to monitor the achievement of objectives.

New Training: modeling best practices

This training offers a presentation of project modeling in the broad sense of the term, whatever the notation used, while putting things into practice through the detailed study of certain modeling languages.

New training : best practices in project management

The " best practices in project management " training offers a theoretical and practical presentation on the IT project manager's job.

New training: good practices in terms of software architecture

The " good practices in terms of software architecture " training proposes a state of the art on software architecture.

Enterprise Architect audit mission at NRB

NRB, the famous IT services company, asked Expert-IT, in collaboration with High Octane, to carry out an audit concerning the existing infrastructure for the operation of Enterprise Architect.

Modeling consultancy mission at Orange - OneAccess

Expert-IT has been commissioned to provide consulting and training in IT project modeling with Enterprise Architect (EA) and more specifically in the SysML language.

New demand system for TOYOTA-LEXUS

Expert-IT develops for Toyota-Lexus, a new version of the Web application allowing visitors to submit requests for tests, offers and catalog.

Test your sleep

Expert-IT launches the web application « Test your sleep » « » and « » in collaboration with Dr Albert Lachman, sleep specialist and…