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Compaso : live management dashboards


Developed by Expert-IT, Compaso is a live management dashboard solution. It's a management tool that provides a clear, concise presentation of a company's activities and results in the form of dashboards. These can then be used to quickly monitor the achievement of set objectives.

Compaso's dashboards are permanently and automatically updated. They provide a global view of a company's own or external data. These data are accessible via a cloud-based platform, with access codes guaranteeing security and enabling individual access levels to be defined. This platform is fully customizable to a company's visual guidelines.

Why choose Compaso?

  • Expert-IT has extensive and unique expertise in integrated dashboards for media agencies.
  • Fast setup and GoLive
  • Costs under control
  • We guarantee local support
  • Fully customizable solution
  • Development and support throughout the entire chain

What are the advantages?

The Compaso solution offers a global visualization but also a permanent and simple access to the key data of a company's activity. It saves time, efficiency, productivity and precision.

Compaso implementation process

The process for setting up Compaso according to the customer's needs includes the following steps:

  1. Analysis of data exploitation needs. The objective of this first step is to select the data entities to be integrated into Compaso and to specify the technical details of the platform to be set up.
    1. Definition with the customer of the different data entities to be used in the dashboard
    2. Analysis of the technical and functional context of these entities
    3. Definition of the data connectors to be developed
    4. Specification of the elements to be adapted to the customer's needs 
    5. Analysis of the technical aspects of security and access to the platform (all roles and people)
    6. Specification concerning the technical deployment of the platform, either on an Expert-IT server or at the customer's site 
    7. Definition of a detailed planning with the client
  2. Development of data connectors and data integration in Compaso
    1. Development carried out by Expert-IT in collaboration with the customer's technical teams
    2. Tests and validation carried out by the customer
  3.  Adaptation and implementation
    1. Adaptation of the Compaso interface according to customer requirements
    2. Setting up the platform 
    3. Testing and validation of the environment by the customer
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