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3D virtual models

In partnership with PIXXIM, Expert-IT realizes your projects of virtual digital models. PIXXIM, with more than 15 years of experience, is a recognized and appreciated provider of design offices and communities, for the virtual representation of land development projects.

The PIXXIM team of 10 experts is familiar with the intervention at the heart of these projects in all phases of studies and has produced nearly 500 virtual models for the public authorities and many private companies. Located in Marseille and Lyon, we work at the national and international level, a player in the digital mock-up and BIM revolution, PIXXIM puts know-how and rare skills for your projects, BIM process or not.


Innovatiing, PIXXIM has an efficient production line that allows to produce with reactivity and at the best cost, 3D models, videos, images and high quality services to support the project actors of :

  • major transport infrastructure (roads, highways, LGV, ports, airports)
  • public transit (TCSP, BHNS)
  • urban renewal, architecture and infrastructure
  • Construction and construction studies, BIM collaborative projects
  • industrial sites (quarries, landfill, ZAC, ...)
  • renewable energies (wind farms, photovoltaic)
  • interactive terminals applications (communication, museography)


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