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EA Resources

Sparx Enterprise Architect offers a rich and sometimes complex set of features. It is often important to have the right information, the necessary explanation to understand and to use an option offered by EA, such as model version management or how to generate documentation.

We offer some technical articles and links to additional resources.

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Checking the integrity of an EA repository

This article details the use and interest of a very important feature of administering an EA repository, namely checking the integrity of the repository.

EA provides you with the facility to watch for a range of activities on models

Enterprise Architect, Sparx Systems' modeling tool, keeps you informed of certain events that may occur in one or more models based on your user ID.

Here you will find some links to useful resources concerning EA :


some books references :


some links concerning useful third party products :

  • eaDocX : very useful tool for documentation generation
  • Lemon tree : add-on module offering a more complete approach for model version management