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Drupal is an open source content management system or CMS (Content Management System or CMS) of worldwide reputation and has its origin in Belgium, indeed, the designer behind Drupal is Dries Buytaert.

It is open source, it can be freely and easily modified. Many people appreciate Drupal because most of the site configuration is done via the back-office interface, without having to write many lines of code. 

The Drupal CMS already offers a high degree of native flexibility. It allows you to create a multilingual site easily because translations are offered right from the installation. It also allows you to manage several websites at the same time. It is therefore not necessary to install modules to make a multilingual site or a multi-site. Finally, Drupal as CMS is also the possibility to create an e-commerce site with the Drupal Commerce platform. 

Drupal is known for its robust security measures such as patches that are constantly updated by the community and led by the Drupal security team. This protects you from online piracy attempts. 

SEO optimization of your Drupal site can be ensured through the powerful SEO modules offered by the community, including the Yoast SEO module. Your content and url will be optimized for search engines to ensure you a better ranking possible.

Drupal's flexibility also lies in the fact that its basic functions and modules are available in 90 different languages, it will also allow you to customize almost everything on your site. Without the hassle of implementing custom code, you can customize pages, blogs, aesthetics, images and much more...

Be aware that many well-known sites use Drupal: the Louvre site, the White House site....

Expert-IT offers its customers the development of Drupal-based websites or Web applications, since Drupal version 5, around 2008. We also offer basic and advanced training on this subject.

We also had the opportunity to develop integrated modules in Drupal, but also applications programmed in PHP, with the Symfony framework and ORM Doctrine, which communicate with Drupal.

Feel free to contact us for any estimate or help for a Drupal project.