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Tailor-made solution

Expert-IT offers you tailor-made solutions to create your application. In collaboration with your staff, our team is in charge of the design and implementation of your ICT of tomorrow.

Since 1996, Expert-IT has made multiple tailor-made solutions for clients from various business sectors, from the banking world, to medical, advertising and eCommerce. Our tailor-made solutions incorporate a variety of technologies whose use is justified by the needs of the project. Whether Web and mobile applications or client / server software, Expert-IT strives to put all its expertise at the service of its clients and to acquire business skills in a long-term partnership perspective .

Our working method to offer you tailor-made solutions

Our method of work is based on, among other things, analytical techniques that have proved their worth and that make it possible to better control complexity. We build with you the right IT solution for your needs, optimizing your communications flow both inside and outside your company.

Expert-IT has developed strong skills around two of the most important market platforms, namely the .NET environment and also the Open Source world, with PHP / Symfony / Doctrine, Linux, Apache and MySql. Whatever the platform, we put into practice the principles of architecture that have demonstrated their robustness and professionalism, with, among other things, approaches such as:

  • Object-oriented analysis and design contributing to a proficiency of domain concepts and effective implementation, by sharing business jargon among all project stakeholders;
  • Application nTier architecture, in several layers with a better distribution of responsibilities and a good adaptability over time; Model View Controler (MVC) pattern ensures effective separation of substance and form and facilitates teamwork;
    Use of Object Relational Mapper (ORM) technology, which facilitates the manipulation of objects and navigation in data models, while integrating into existing databases.
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