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Each Expert-IT consultant is passionate about IT, and works not only as an analyst-designer or project manager, but also as a trainer. As such, they are regularly called upon to provide training in new IT technologies, according to their skills.

This "skills center"-style mode of operation encourages mastery of tools and platforms. This mastery is cultivated both horizontally, in the context of course preparation and delivery, and vertically, for the specific needs of one project or another. The 2 dimensions are mutually enriching.

What's more, the fundamental aspect at Expert-IT is communication. The knowledge and skills acquired by the expert are only worthwhile if the expert is able to pass them on.

Our training offer is provided by our Expert Institute training center.

Expert Institute's trainers have already given courses for well-known companies in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. 
These include Cegelec, American Express, Eurocontrol, Mobistar, Proximus, European Parliament, European Union, ORES, RVA/ONEM, Belgian Army, European Commission, French Community of Belgium, Accenture, Smals-MVM, Banksys, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. These training courses were provided either directly, or in partnership with other training centers.

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