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Virtual Expert System

What is Virtual Expert System?

Virtual Expert System (VES) is a diagnostic assistance platform. It is a web-based computer application that uses an expert system engine to translate expertise in a given field of competence into a series of rules. Based on observed facts, the rules are verified and may themselves validate other rules. The system can be automatically enriched with new rules.

What does Virtual Expert System offer?

This solution offers 2 main areas, one for experts and the other for subjects, human or non-human. The expert evolves in a field of competence in which he or she exercises a certain expertise. The expert creates a file for one or more subjects, which will enable him to collect all the basic data concerning the situation, the current state of the subject. This data can be collected in a variety of ways: data supplied by the expert himself or his team; information provided by the subject in the form of various dynamic questionnaires; data transmitted by connected devices (iOT); information collected online via available APIs or other means (Open Data, etc.).

When all the data has been collected, the system applies an analysis based on the expert system engine, defined rules and observed facts.

The system proposes one or more diagnoses.The expert himself studies the proposed diagnoses and is the only one to specify the definitive diagnosis.One or more treatment therapies may be associated with a diagnosis. The system also offers a follow-up of the proposed treatment-therapy to verify its relevance.

Virtual Expert System is designed for all business sectors requiring diagnostic assistance: the medical world in the broadest sense; technical maintenance; the engineering sector; IT; and others.This solution makes specialist expertise available to the community.

The main advantages of VES are :

  • time-saving ;
  • analysis tool ;
  • regular updating of basic data;
  • more reliable diagnosis;
  • overview of the problem ;
  • historical file management.

The following security features are guaranteed:

  • reliable identification of players ;
  • encryption of exchanged data;
  • anonymity of subject data during exchanges ;
  • extensive server security;
  • limited data storage.

Virtual Expert System was used to develop :

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